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Connect With God

The Word On Campus (online)

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This is a blog created by the Windsor Campus Ministries staff and students. On it you will find many stories relating to many topics of faith, Catholicism, and the student life. We hope share our joy, struggles, and wisdom to all. Our primary focus at the moment is writing about our Lenten Journey. Another category you may be interested in is “Vocations”, where various priests, religious, married, and lay ministers reflect on their path to finding God’s call. Take a peak by clicking on The Word On Campus under student Links.

Student Ministers (liturgical involvement)


Ever attend Mass and wish you could get a little more out of it; or perhaps make it a bit more . . . entertaining? Well, when it comes to Mass, the old saying is right on: you really do get what you put into it. So how about putting in a little more as a reader, server or minister at Mass? Don’t psyche yourself out – it is a great way to get more out of Mass and anyone can do it. Even if you just have questions, email  – you’ll be glad you did.