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Special Events

Catholic Students Week

Catholic Students Week 2014

Catholic Students Week (CSW) begins February 2nd and ends on the 9th.  This year we have a record number of 42 campuses registered with over 300 events spanning the country. Stop by the Catholic Campus Ministry Student Centre to view a list of our own events and programs available to you.

If you would like to know more about CSW, please visit the CCCM website by clicking on its tab under Student Links.

Worship Together

Praise and Worship Concert

An ecumenical night of Christian praise and worship and all are welcomed! Our very own Student Music Ministry Team will be playing as well as our special musical guest Emma Frad. Come experience an uplifting night of joy and adoration in our awesome and loving God’s grace.

This event will take place Saturday February 8th 2014 at 7:30 pm in Assumption Chapel, with a reception to follow.

CCO Rise UP!

Every year, hundreds of Catholic students from across Canada gather for a dynamic experience of faith and worship.  Rise UP! is the most exciting of all the National student conferences – often held in fantastic venues in beautiful cities and packed with fantastic speakers.

This years conference will be held in Ottawa, Ontario from December 28 – January 1. We hope to take a good size group this year, so join in on this opportunity to make new friends, explore a great city and rise up in your faith.

For more information please click on the Catholic Christian Outreach website under Student Links

Christian Culture Lecture Series

Christian Culture Series

Culture must be made to bear on the integral perfection of the human person and on the good of the community and the whole society. -Vatican Council II 1965

Assumption University’s Christian Culture Series was founded in 1934 by Fr. Stanley Murphy, C.S.B. Since then it has understood culture as a universal, holistic, and integrated way of being of the human person. It has continuously shown an openness and receptivity that balances tradition and contemporary relevance. Speakers have included Church leaders, theologians, scientists, historians, poets, novelists, artists, political figures and economists.

Please click on the Assumption University tab under Student Links for more information.