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Activities & Classes

Check out our Facebook page for more information about all of these and other events.


Sunday Cafe

Every Sunday after the 7:30 p.m. Student Mass, consider yourself invited to the Café at the Catholic Campus Ministry Centre. There is always homemade food and great company. After Mass just follow the crowd down into Rosary Hall and relax before the week gets started again, it is purely social and purely free! Cafe starts September 7th after our Kick Off the Semester Mass.



Fidem Servate

hands praying


This year we will be holding an special event attached to cafe called Fidem Servate, translated as “Keep the Faith”. Twice a month we will have a guest speaker come to Cafe and talk about how they live their faith in their own career. We have musicians, politicians, lawyers, doctors, stay at home moms, professors, etc. giving us great examples of how to life our faith after University. The first speaker will be Sarah Watson on Sunday, September 14th after the 7:30 p.m. Mass.


Hungry Lancer: in the lounge & in the Community

Hungrey Lancer

We all know every student is a hungry lancer so join us for some food that doesn’t come out of a box? Join us Wednesdays for a home-cooked meal and the opportunity to meet new people.

It happen once a Month at 12 p.m., beginning September 17th in the lounge and September 24th in the community, at the Campus Ministry Student Centre. The best part is lunch is only two dollars! We ask that you RSVP on the Facebook Event.


Beets, Brews, & Beards

two men facing each other


This is a time to chow down on a beet, drink a brew, grow a beard, and relate with your fellow man. Okay, we don’t need to do all those things to be a man but it’s important for men to hang out with just men and support each other from time to time.

No need to be a lone wolf, join the pack at the Catholic Campus Ministry Student Centre or at local venues once a month on Mondays at 7 p.m., beginning October 1st.


Among the Lilies

Two women side by side

Are you the kind of girl who would choose to pick up a lily or a frog off the lily pad? Different women would choose different things, but there is both beauty and adventure among the lilies. In this world there is a lot of criticism in what women do, wear, or say. It’s difficult to find a group of women who hang out together to support each other.

Come and experience some adventure and some beauty as strong, supportive women at the Catholic Campus Ministry Student Centre or at a local cafe once a month on Mondays at 7 p.m., beginning September 29th, 2014.


Why Catholic?


Has anyone ever asked you why are you Catholic? It’s an important question to be asked and answered. These are the types of questions we hope to explore while in the welcoming environment of small groups. Campus Ministry in collaboration with Assumption Parish will be arranging for students to meet in small groups once a week, for one hour, on a day and time convenient for your entire group. We know the life of a student can feel at times rather chaotic, in juggling many tasks and life decisions. However, we want to encourage you to take the time to enrich your faith, be in supportive community with friends, and enjoy every moment during your University career.

Small groups run for 6 weeks beginning October 19th and ending November 29th, 2014. Please view the website for more information.


Eat, Drink, & Be Merry

chalk board with title


Want to discuss theological topics relevant to your life? Want to meet other young adults who share these interests? Please join us Friday September 19th, October 24th, and November 21st, 2014 of informal theological discussions and presentations in a comfortable and relaxed setting at Dominion House Pub on Sandwich Street.

Stay tuned on our Facebook page for upcoming speakers and topics.


Threads of Prayer

balls of yarn


If you have ever been to our lounge, you will not be surprised to discover that some students started taking study breaks and knitting.  It wasn’t long before more started to join in and it quickly turned into a knitting and prayer group.

The parish gives these students the names of people and what they would like made.  As they knit they pray for the individual.  When they are done, the person is presented with their gift of comfort.

Every Monday at 1:30 p.m., starting September 15th, 2014.


Ultimate Frisbee

open field


A University Campus can not function unless students are on the lawn passing around a frisbee. Participate in one of the longest sterotypes of a Post Secondary Campus and see for yourself that a academic career can also be fun.

We meet under the large trees on Assumption Church’s lawn (parellel to Huron Church Road) every Tuesday evening. Please follow us on Facebook for an announcement on the start date and time.



Take a Moment

a book resting near a fireplace


We all need to take a moment in our life where we step back from our frantic, fast paced life to utter silence and relaxation. That is just what you will get when you join us in the “Take a Moment” experience. Environment is everything for a retreat away from school, work, etc., so we head to a Benedictine Monastery located on a small mountain in Northern Michigan. The accommodations are amazing and the grounds are breathtaking

This will be our forth year attending and we will be away from October 14th to the 16th, 2014. All in all, it is the best way to spend your Fall Reading Week. Take a moment to enjoy the scenery, go hiking, have a bonfire with friends, do some reading, and have silent moments of prayer.


Twilight Retreat

Church in the twilightI


f you would like to experience the beauty of the evening twilight as well as the beauty of being in God’s presence, then push aside all your distractions and take part in the twilight retreat. Every year we prepare for advent by taking several hours in the evening to breath, relax, and pray.

If you would like taking part in a brief retreat to prepare for either exams, the holidays, and advent then keep the evening of November 28th, 2014 open.


The Busy Student

Busy student retreat

Let’s face it, were all busy. So how do we make time for our relationship with God to be nourished? Well, one way is signing up for the Busy Student Retreat! That’s right, a retreat designed for the busy student, during Lent. This is a first for Campus Ministry, where we invite several priests, brothers, and sisters to join us for a week and provide one on one spiritual direction. Mass, confession, and individual/community prayer is also a component of the retreat, but revolves around YOUR school schedule.

The retreat will run from March 2nd to the 5th and you will be able to meet with a spiritual director anytime between 11am to 3pm. Another reason to take part in the retreat is that it’s no cost to you, just 1 hour of your time during the week.