History of the Assumption University Alumni Association

The Association was re-established in 2004 by Rev. William Irwin, C.S.B. at the time President of Assumption University. Since that time the Association has been very active in hosting dinners (i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving for the Catholic Students at the University of Windsor and annual reunions; assisting the Campus Ministry Program; supporting the Christian Culture Series started in 1934 by Rev. Stanley Murphy, C.S.B. The Association was deeply involved in the 150th anniversary celebrations of Assumption in 2007 and in 2004 established the Rev. E. C. LeBel, C.S.B. Award. The Association also is involved in fundraising having established the 150 Club to celebrate the 150 anniversary. The goal is to raise $150,000 to support Assumption’s Basilian Fathers. However, the best thing about the Association is that we have come together to relive our days at Assumption and our relationship with the Basilian Fathers who in many cases, gave us the foundation for the careers and lives we have so fully enjoyed.

Assumption’s History

Dr. George McMahon, Sr. has published three books on the history of Assumption: The Dean’s Story: Memoirs of Rev. N. J. Ruth, C.S.B.; Pure Zeal, History of Assumption College 1870-1946 and Rev. E. C. LeBel, C.S.B. and the Creation of the University of Windsor 1946-1964. In 2005, George also published the first volume of the Personal Papers of Dr. J. Francis Leddy, President, University of Windsor 1964-1978. The books are available at the University of Windsor Bookstore.