150 Club


Mr. Donald Arpin
Mr. Richard Aubry
Ms. Marianne Barrie
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Barth
Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Beck
Dr. Cecil M. Birch *
Mr. Douglas Branch
Mr. Robert * and Mrs. Patricia * Britton
The Hon. Dr. John * and Dr. Norma * Brockenshire
Dr. Raymond Buncic
Dr. and Mrs. Donald P. Carom
Dr. Paul V. Cassano and Dr. Patricia Speight
Dr. and Mrs. Carl S. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Comuzzi
Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Costello
Dr. James H. Coyle
Mr. Harold N. Crawford
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Daypuk *
The Hon. & Mrs. Richard Donald
Mr. Robert Duddy * and Ms. JoAnne Green
Dr. and Mrs. William Fisher
Rev. and Mrs. Stan Fraser
Mr. Morgan Gallagher

Rev. Edward Gatfield
Miss Mary-Ellen Gazarek
Mrs. Stephanie Germack-Kerzic
Mr. R. Paul Gilmor
Mr. Clement U. Giovanatti
Mrs. Jeanne Gisvold
The Rt. Hon. Dr. and Mrs. Herb Gray
Dr. Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C.
Mrs. Jerome J. Haggarty
Dr. Michael Jacko *
Dr. & Mrs. James E. Kanasy
Mr. Fred P. Khoury
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Little
Miss Helen I. Lukacs
Miss Magdalen M. Lukacs
The Hon. Dr. and Mrs. Edward C. Lumley
Dr. Timothy E. MacDonald
Mr. Robert H. Marchand
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Marcotte
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Masterson
The Ven. Dr. Ronald Matthewman
Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. McArthur *
Dr. and Mrs. George A. McMahon, Sr. *
Dr. Eugene J. McNamara *
Mr. and Mrs. William M. McRae
Mr. Frank J. Montello

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Moriarty
Ms. Mary Mousseau
Mr. Frank NowakMrs. Beverly J. Nyberg
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. O’Gorman
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Oleksiuk *
Mrs. Doris Petras
Mr. Henry Poirier
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Renaud
Mr. Ronald Rinaldi
Mr. Michael T. Robert
Maj. General and Mrs. Richard H. Rohmer
Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose J. Rouble
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Rouble
Mr. Kevin B. Ryan
Mrs. Susanne Sabolick
Dr. Jeffrey Slopen
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance C. Snyder *
Dr. Gino Sovran *
Mr. James S. Steel
Mr. Larry T. Stout
Dr. Patrick J. Suraci
Mrs. Suzanne Thibeault
Mr. John Todesco
Ms. Genevieve J. Ustrzycki
Mr. and Mrs. William Viveash
The Hon. and Mrs. Thomas G. Zuber