About Us

Welcome to Catholic Campus Ministry

Welcome to Catholic Campus Ministry!

There is much more here than you might think!

Education is a funny thing – there are all kinds of ways we measure it, but the real value of education is not seen in what you can measure.  At the end of your career at the University of Windsor, you will leave here with a degree validating your qualifications in a particular academic discipline. But, as the years pass, it won’t be the class content you remember best – it will be the things that happened outside of your classes.  Years from now, you will tell stories of great joys and sorrows; you will recall friends, and experiences.

We want you to know, that above all else, this is a place you can belong no matter what belief structure you hold.

We are excited you are here. Please browse our page to find out what we can offer you or how you can get involved.

About Us

Welcome to Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of Windsor, where all are welcome! We are located in the North wing of the Assumption University Building, next to the CAW (Look for the old building with green steeples and crosses).

Our first priority is the spiritual welfare of the students, faculty and staff of the University of Windsor. Our aim is to create a community where life’s tough questions can be discussed and through those discussions, people may come to know God’s mercy, love and truth. So whether you have been a Catholic all your life, or are simply a person unaffiliated with any religion, searching for meaning – know that you are welcome here.


In addition to the many programs you will read about, you will find that Assumption University’s Building provides Campus Ministry with some of the nicest, most comfortable spaces on campus. Drop in for a visit, talk to our friendly Campus Ministry staff, grab a cup of coffee/tea, chat with friends, study or view the beautiful facilities that are offered to you.