About Us


Guided by our Catholic tradition, Campus Ministry seeks to be an integral partner with the University of Windsor’s inclusive community through dialogue, witness, and service.


Assumption University’s Campus Ministry serves all students, faculty, and staff of the University of Windsor by journeying with them as they grow in wisdom and truth. This mission manifests itself in three interconnected movements:

  • Gather – building a “welcoming and open home” through invitation and community
  • Form – cultivating a “training ground for Christian virtue” through sacraments and spiritual growth
  • Send – “promoting the Christian renewal of culture” through outreach and service

Our Work  

After many years without an active program, Campus Ministry in Windsor was re-launched in 2010 in the tradition of the Basilian Fathers.  Campus Ministry is a pastoral service of Assumption University serving over 15,000 students at University of Windsor.  Tracing its origins to 1857, Assumption University is federated with the University of Windsor.  Our aim is to create a community where life’s tough questions can be discussed and through those discussions, people may come to know God’s mercy, love and Truth.

As we seek to engage the very diverse population of the University of Windsor, Campus Ministry has created spaces and programs that promote hospitality so that doors may be opened to discover the Truth.  Our programs are open to all who want to participate and seek to better the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

Through Campus Ministry’s connection to Assumption Parish, Sunday and Weekday Masses are available on campus.  We also provide a comprehensive Campus Ministry program with an emphasis on student leadership. We aim to form missionary disciples on campus who witness to their peers and prepare to enter the world of work after graduation.

Our Good News Stories

As ministers to students, we recognize our call as seed-planters.  For some, we can see the seeds taking root and even blossoming; for others the seeds take root later in life.  Much of the fruit can been seen in the amazing things our students have gone to do after graduation.  Just in the last few years we have seen students go off to serve as missionaries, seminarians, and professionals.  Mike, a 2014 graduate, went on to serve as a missionary with NET Ministries and is currently on staff there.  Phong, a 2017 Biology graduate, served with Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Nashville serving homeless youth. Carlos, a 2015 Environment Science graduate, is currently in seminary for the Diocese of Hamilton.  Julia, a 2015 Biology graduate, is a faith-filled wife, mother, and pharmacist.  Georgina, a 2018 forensic science graduate, is currently working in ministry in the Archdiocese of Toronto. These are just some of the stories we know – We have several alumni living as missionary disciples and working in many fields across the country!

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