Campus Ministry Staff

Chrisandra Skipper

Chrisandra Skipper – Director of Campus Ministry

Favourite Season: Fall
Favourite Sports Team: New York Jets
Starbucks Order: Carmel Macciatto
Pizza or Burger: Pizza
Other facts:

  • 2017 Fantasy Football Champion
  • Crocheter and yarn collector
  • Has an adorable son

Phone: 519-973-7033 ext 3376
FB: CmChrisandra Skipper

Fr. Steven Huber, C.S.B. – Chaplain

Tim Horton’s Order: Large Black Coffee – and a donut!
Favourite Sports Team: Houston Astros
Sweet or Salty: Sweet
Pizza or Burger: Pizza (especially if it’s Oven 360)
Dogs or Cats: Dogs for sure
Other facts:

  • Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Has two youngs brothers. One is married with two children.
  • He majored in Vocal Music Education. He currently sings in the Windsor Symphony Orchestra Chorus.


Jessica Lemmon – Program Coordinator

First Concert: American Idol
Favourite animal at the zoo: Dolphin
Tim Horton’s Order: Medium Coffee – 1 Milk, 1 Sugar
Beach or Pool: Pool
Pizza or Burger: Burgers
Other facts:

  • Avid Reader
  • Loves Trivia
  • Met Ed Sheeran

FB: Cm Jessica Lemmon

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