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Before You Book

It’s great to have a party and we would like to make this one as memorable as possible for you. In order to do this, we need to apprise you of certain restrictions we have with regards to our facility and to have you inform us as to what your needs will be on the occasion. If you will take the time to read this section, I’m sure that you will find some useful information that will help you in your planning for your special occasion.

Our kitchen has been equipped with new and expensive equipment, which we want to preserve and protect. Our policy is that all food preparation will be done by our staff, chef and servers. A separate list is attached for pricing arrangements depending on your requirements for the banquet.

We have a full wet bar, and again because of the equipment and stock, if the bar is required, our bartenders are available for your functions.

Our facility is equipped to handle a maximum of 170 people for a sit down affair.

A minimum deposit of $500.00 is required when booking the facility. This amount only covers the use of the Centre. If, however there is a cancellation, 50 percent of the deposit will be returned to you only if we are able to rebook the facility for the time and day: otherwise, this total amount is not refundable. The balance of your bill will be due 30 days after the event.

Some additional regulations:

  • No rice or confetti is allowed anywhere on the Campus of Assumption University.
  • No decorations are allowed which require glue, tape or other means of attachment.
  • Smoking will not be allowed.

What we require from you at least ten days prior to your scheduled event:

  • The guaranteed number of people attending
  • The seating arrangements
  • * Decorations for the head table
  • The number of people at the head table
  • The time guests are to arrive
  • The time dinner will be served
  • Coatroom arrangements
  • Time the cake, favours, and flowers, etc. will be delivered. (Same day as the function)

Again, it is our pleasure to be of service to you. We want to assist you in making this special day a memorable one.

Thank you for considering our facility on this special day.

Perry Gignac, Manager