Power of One

April 22 – Earth Day!
9:30 AM – NOON
Toldo 100, University of Windsor

Our Keynote Speaker: SIMON JACKSON
At the age of 13, Simon worked to save the habitat of the kermode bear, also known as the Spirit Bear.
He has since founded the Spirit Bear Youth Coaliation. He will share his story with us which reminds us that we each have the chance to make a dynamic impact on this Earth.

Local Panelists

Brandi Bechard

Brandi Bechard is the woman behind Ground Culture, a regenerative and edible landscape consulting firm based in Windsor and Essex County. Ground Culture specializes in designing rural and urban landscapes that produce food, sequester carbon, increase biodiversity, and restore ecological function. Most importantly of all, through her work, Brandi aims to foster a connection between people and the planet. She has an academic background in Ecosystem Management and Natural Resource Sciences, and has worked across Canada honing her skills and understanding of the natural world. In 2018, she moved back to her hometown of Windsor to start her dream business from the ground up.  The social media accounts (instagram and facebook) are @ground.culture.gardens for those interested in following along in our journey.

Dane Fader

CEO | GreenerBins Composting Co.

Dane Fader is the founder of GreenerBins Composting Company, a closed-loop regenerative farm in Essex Country, Ontario. He is the Chair of the Windsor-Essex Food Policy Council, Coordinator of the Windsor-Essex Climate Action Network, and has been the recipient of the “Pat on the Back” Award from the Windsor-Essex County Environment Committee (WECEC). The aim of Dane’s work is to mitigate climate change while strengthening the local food system. For more information please see  https://www.greenerbinscompost.com/

Leo Silvestri

Leo has lived in Windsor since 1970 and a retired commercial/residential painter, married to Teresa Silvestri and part of the charitable organization, In Honour of The Ones We Love which raises money for patients with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses in our community. He is presently working to restore monarch butterfly habitats and encouraging our neighbours to plant milkweed in Windsor and Essex county. Since creating our web page: www.savethemonarchbutterfly.ca and local Facebook, our group has grown to over 900 members, all working together towards helping the monarch butterfly population. Our purpose is to bring the monarch back to our neighbourhood for future generations to enjoy its beauty!