Taking Charge of Your Health: Tools and Supports to Navigate the Healthcare Maze – Maria Giannotti

Our healthcare system has become so complex that even those who work in it every day often struggle to navigate it.  So for members of the public – who in a time of crisis find themselves trying to navigate the maze – it can be hopelessly confusing and frustrating.  Having the right information and services at the right time helps you achieve your best health.  Learn how to access programs and resources, know your rights, and advocate for your needs.  PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO LOW NUMBERS, THIS COURSE WILL BE REOFFERED AT A LATER DATE.

Instructor: Maria Giannotti

Maria Giannotti BEd, MA, MS Bioethics is a graduate of the Icahn School of Medicine and Clarkson University Bioethics Program New York. She has held leadership positions in healthcare and education and has pioneered a number of innovative programs throughout her 30-year career. Maria is an international consultant and educator in bioethics and healthcare leadership and as well as an instructor for Faculty of Nursing University of Windsor where she teaches the Human Meaning of Death. 

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