The Church Alive tv series

The Church Alive tv series


The Church Alive is a fast-paced, segmented and interactive show hosted by Salt + Light producers Cheridan Sanders and Sebastian Gomes.  This unique series will be both television and web based.  The goal: to inspire people and get them talking about the faith, to share stories of the New Evangelization, and to highlight the broad and inclusive nature of Catholicism and its rich tradition. “Yes, the Church is Alive… and the Church is young.” – Pope Benedict XVI


Biblical Reflection segments of each episode were filmed in the Chapel of Assumption University.


Order your copy now of this excellent DVD production in 13 episodes + an important study guide.

13 episodes

Disc One
Episode 1: What is the New Evangelization (28 min); Episode 2: Catholic Education (24 min)
Disc Two
Episode 3: The Media (25 min); Episode 4: The Role of the Laity (24 min)
Disc Three
Episode 5: Social Justice (26 min); Episode 6: Politics (24 min)
Disc Four
Episode 7: Ecclesial Movements (24 min); Episode 8: Ecumenism (24 min)
Disc Five
Episode 9: Economics (24 min); Episode 10: Interfaith/Religious Liberty (28 min)
Disc Six
Episode 11: The Consecrated Life (25 min); Episode 12: The Environment (25 min)
Disc Seven
Episode 13: The Catholic Eastern Churches (27 min)
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